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Dança Alegria 


Many of the Zouk dancers in Berlin are members of a dance association named Dança Alegria, which website is accessible here


Dança Alegria means "joy of dancing", or "dance joy". And that is exactly what the non-profit association Dança Alegria eV - Centre for Brazilian-Latin American Dances - is all about: wanting to share and experience the joys of Brazilian and Latin American dances, along with its cultures and music. This dance association aims to exchange ideas with like-minded people; to enlarge the dance community; to create dance opportunities; to promote dance sport and cultural / artistic exchange in the Berlin region. Intrigued? Take a look at their statutes, which lists exactly what the dance association stands for. 

Club Training

Once a month, the Dança Alegria association organises workshop weekends with parties with international teachers, also known as 'club training'. There are also other events such as summer and winter parties etc.

Non-club members are also welcome to some of the club trainings! 

Club members benefit from reduced or no participation fees.

Upcoming events can be found here, or on the Dança Alegria website

Want to become a Member?

You can find out how to do this here: Become a member of Dança Alegria

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