Tips for Beginners

Do I have to bring a dance partner to attend the class?

No. Basically you can go to all courses of Zouk Berlin without coming with a dance partner. In our regular classes and organised workshops, partners are often changed to learn faster and more effectively how to follow and lead. We also try to keep the courses balanced with the help of assistant teachers. Of course, there is no obligation to change. If you want to keep your partner, you are welcome to do so.

I want to start with Zouk, but I do not have any dance experience yet. Is that possible?

In our beginner courses, all necessary elements of (Zouk) dancing are taught starting from the basics. Prior dance knowledge is not necessary.

I have already gained Zouk/dance experiences. Which class is suitable for me?

Since a variety of different styles are danced internationally, this question is difficult to answer sweepingly. It’s best to come to one of the classes or socials and talk to a local teacher. They can give you guidance of which class may suit you the best.

Which shoes do I have to wear to dance?

Most of our classes and weekend events take place in dance schools. Usually, there is an obligation to wear clean shoes, which do not damage the parquet floor and leave no streaks. For Zouk in particular, flat dance shoes with a leather sole are suitable to begin with. Other dance shoes or sneakers are okay too. Please, just be mindful of how they feel against the floor when moving.

How do I know which class is suitable for my level?

Please carefully look through the descriptions found in each of the classes mentioned. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.